Rebuilt Pallets

We offer new and used pallets nationwide. We also offer custom sized pallets.

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Rebuilt 48 x 40 Pallets

Used Pallets

48 x 40″ that has been repaired. These skids have little to no damage. No missing or broken boards.

Custom Build

Specialized Pallets built to your specific needs. Contact a member of our team to give us all the dimensions and specs. 

New Pallets

If your company needs pallets that meet food grade stardards then this is the best option

ISPM-15 Heat-Treated Export Pallets

ISPM 15 is a international rule to prevent the spread of diseases and pests from wooden packaging material. They must be heat-treated according to specific guidelines and marked as ‘Heat Treated’.

Sell Pallets

We buy any 48 x 40′ wooden pallets. Please contact us today to get the most updated prices we are paying for used 48x40s

Pallet Recycling

If your company produces a large amount of odd sized or extremly damaged scrap pallets. We offer a free pick up and removal service.

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Freequently Asked Questions

What is a Rebuilt Pallet?
These are pallets that were damaged and have been reconditioned so that they are useable again. They are recycled and cheaper than buying a brand new 48 x 40.
How much do pallets cost?
Pallet prices have sky rocketed in the recent years. Currently prices can be anywhere from $4-$30. This all depends on the type, quantity, and where your company is located.
Where can I Find free Pallets?
If you are just looking for a few pallets there is no reason to spend lots of money on them. Many local businesses are always looking to get rid of pallets. Try your local craft shop, brewery, or craigslist.
Will we get a Large discount buying Multiple truckloads?
Due to the current nature of the pallet market in 2022 the answer is no. We understand your company may needs multiple truckloads a week. Unfortunately in this market that is not a good thing for a pallet company, as it takes away from our existing customers and loses us money.
What size is a pallet
The standard size in the united states is 48 x 40 “. They are 4-way entry stringer pallets. We also offer block and odd sized pallets.

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