Custom Built 

We build pallets to suit your company’s exact needs and specifications. Our team is equipped to build any size or type. After a free consultation with our team, we will send you over a custom build spec sheet and a sample pallet before going into production.  

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What Are Pallets?

Pallets are used to store, ship, and move your company’s materials to finished goods. Pallets are typically built of hardwood or softwood and can be designed to any specification in order to support loads of varying size and weight distribution.

Save Money

Save money and truck space by using pallets suited to maximize truck space and amount of product delivered  

Odd Sized

The Standard Pallets size is 48 x 40. WE specialize in everything else. Our team will design and engineer a pallet to suit your company’s exact needs. This helps ensure your product arrives with no damage 

Top Quality

We have been in business for over 20 years and are proud to supply the most reliable and top-quality pallets out there.

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