Our Pallet Services

Buy pallets

Our inventoy includes new and used pallets. We over Grade A, Grade B, and GMA 48 x 40″ pallets.

Sell Pallets

We buy pallets that are in good condition. Prices vary across the country.

Recycle Wood

We provide a free recycling service for scrap pallets and lumber. Schedule today!

Rebuilt Pallets

Rebuilt 48x40 Pallets

All of our rebuilt pallets are recondtioned and repiared  to the best of our abilty. They are signifficaly cheaper than new pallets. We offer full truckload shipments(616) and local pick ups from any of our locations. 

Grade A 48 x 40

Grade A pallets are recondtioned pallets that are in near new condition. All damaged boards have been replaced and they are in excelent condtion. That being said they are still used pallets and may have some minor damage on them. We do not recoment you use this to ship internationally or if they must meet any food grade standards.

48 x 40 Grade B

Grade B pallets are less expesive than grade a and new pallets. They will show lots of wear and tear on them. The quality of these pallets will vary greatly. 

Used Pallets 

Used Wooden Pallets

Used wooden pallets have undergone no repairs. They are the cheapest option but also other most risky. Unlike reconditioned pallets these come directly from a manufacturer. 

1 - time use shipping pallets

These come from companies that recieve product on them. They can often be in great condition. Food manufacturer often no longer have a use for thse pallets. 

Mixed Load

Mixed loads come in a variety of sizes and condtion. There are mixed 42×42, 48×48, 40×48, and so on. 

Pallet Cores

These are scrap pallets in poor condition 48x40s 

Custom Built 

Custom builds

Any size other than the standard 48×40 wood pallet is considered a custom build for us. 

Large Pallets

If you are shipping a extremely large of heavy item then you may need a custom built larger pallet. These can range from 90×48, 80×80, and so on 


These skids are 36 x 36. 


Block pallets 

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If pallets are not up to our standards we will happily issue a refund. 

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We offer a wide aray of services are  confident we can take on any job 

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