Texas Pallets!

We offer New, Used,  Rebuilt, and Custom Built Pallets in Texas. Contact a member of our team below to go over your exact needs and specifications.

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Freequently Asked Questions

Do we have a Minimum Order?

No, we can work with individuals needing a couple of pallets for a home project or large manufacturers needing a truckload a day. For delivery, we do have a minimum order of 100, but anyone purchasing less is welcome to stop by one of our locations or coordinate transportation themselves. 

What Type of Pallets do you Have in Texas?

In Texas we offer New, Used, Reconditioned, and Custom Built Products. Let us know what you are using the skids for and we can help offer the most affordable and quality type. 

Do you Deliver in TX?

Yes, we have our own fleet of trucks capable of delivering anywhere in the state or surrounding states.

What Size Pallets do you offer?

We offer Custom Built Pallets. These can be any size that your company requires. We also offer the standard 48 x 40 Wood Pallet. 

HOw Much Do your pallets cost?

Due to the nature of our business, the price can vary drastically between customers. Let us know what type of pallet you need and we will happily provide a quote.

Do you offer Heat Treatment?

Yes, each of our locations has a kiln specifically designed for heat-treating pallets.